Parents Registration Info & FAQ




day camps

Drop off: 8 am each morning
Pick up: 5:30-7 pm each evening

Breakfast, Lunch & Supper provided each day

Registration is for the full week - Monday to Friday


Drop off: 4 pm on Sunday
Pick up:
6 pm on Friday 

First meal provided is supper on Sunday, Friday supper concludes the week. 


Drop off: 3 pm on Sunday
Pick up:
9 am on Saturday 

First meal provided is supper on Sunday, Saturday breakfast concludes the week. 

(updated January 3, 2022)


Deposits are non-refundable.  

The balance of camp fees are refundable up to 7 days prior to the camp start date. Within 7 days of the camp start date, the balance may be refunded only if that camp is full and we are able to replace the vacated spot with someone from our waiting list. No refund will be given for dismissal from camp due to disciplinary action, communicable disease, lice detection, homesickness, nor for late arrivals or early departures. There may be exceptions made for medical reasons, but we require a doctor's note.

Our refund policy is based on shared risk. When a spot is held, that space is no longer available for another camper. By camp and camper owning the risk via the Refund Policy above, both parties acknowledge the commitment, feasibility, and responsibility of reserving a spot, with the future unknown. 


To access receipts from past camp registrations, go to the login/register option on the top Toolbar and log in. From the main menu select the “Payment registrations & payment history” button on the bottom right. From there you will be able to select receipts from completed camp registrations to print for your records. 



SBC is conscientious of nut allergies but we are not a nut-free facility.

Our kitchen staff will do their very best to accommodate the following special dietary needs:

  • Gluten Friendly (please indicate if Celiac)
  • Dairy Friendly (please indicate if it can be consumed in baking)
  • Vegetarian

Due to the open nature of our kitchen, we want our campers to be aware that there is always a risk of cross-contamination. 

We cannot accommodate halal, vegan, or kosher requests, nor personal diets such as paleo, keto etc.

If a camper is anaphylactic to any foods or has a food intolerance, allergy, or special diet not listed above, the kitchen may be unable to accommodate their dietary needs. In these instances, a fridge and microwave will be accessible for them so they can supplement their meals during their stay.

Please always feel free to contact the office at 250-835-4596, so we can discuss the best option for each camper.

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