Staffing Year Round Staff

Tim & Katrina Paquette

Executive Director Tim Paquette and his wife, Katrina Paquette, Departmental Assistant

Roles: Executive Director & Departmental Assistant
Nicknames: Pacman & Pacwoman 

Kyle Reddemann

Assistant Director and Program Director Kyle Reddemann

Role: Assistant Director & Program Director
Nickname: Atticus

Bruce & April Christensen

camp hosts Bruce and April Christensen

Role: Camp Hosts
Nicknames: Bruceski & Aggy

Grace Fletcher

Office Administrator Grace Fletcher

Role: Office Administrator
Nickname: T-Swizzle

Pamela Derksen

Food Services Manager Pamela Derksen

Role: Food Services Manager
Nickname: Pammie

Bill Hodson

Property Development Manager Bill Hodson

Role: Property Development Manager
Nickname: Thumper

Les Porter

Kitchen staff Les Porter

Role: Kitchen Staff
Nickname: Wolverine

Helen Dekhtiar

kitchen staff Helen Dekhtiar

Role: Kitchen Staff
Nickname: Sunflower

Ruth Fletcher

Bookkeeper Ruth Fletcher

Role: Bookkeeper
Nickname: Rutabaga