Summer Camps Day Camp

What does a does a day at Day Camp look like?!

Every day is a new day at Day Camp, with a different schedule rotation for each day of the week. Exploring the countless activities at Sunnybrae, campers will play, learn, and build relationships as they participate in the awesome activities, skill blocks and games we have to offer!


Below shows just one day as an example, but check out our Cabin Activities and Skill Blocks pages to see more of what we have in store!

8 am            Arrival
8:30             Breakfast
9:30             Activity Block 1
10:45           Activity Block 2
12 pm          Lunch
1:00             Chapel
1:30             Discussion
2:00             Wide Game
3:00             Canteen
4:00             Specialty Skill Rotation
5:00             Supper
5:30-7         Pick up